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Accidentally Deleted Cydia on iPhone & How to Get It Back? [iOS 7]

April 6 2014 , Written by Carol Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

Accidentally Deleted Cydia on iPhone & How to Get It Back? [iOS 7]

Questions like these are surprising actually. How does someone “delete” Cydia? Even if you install CyDelete, one can only delete the apps installed via Cydia by tapping the ‘x’ on them. Not Cydia itself.

But people do come up with these issues. And if you deleted Cydia, there’s no point in having the jailbreak on your iPhone. All tweaks, apps, mods and themes are available only through Cydia. So how do you get it back? How do you install Cydia?

Here’s How to Get It Back? on iOS 7

There are quite a few methods of doing it. Depending on the level of “technie-ness”, you can pick from any of the three methods mentioned here.

1. Re-jailbreak
The easiest method is to re-jailbreak. The evad3rs designed their jailbreaking software, evas1on, in such a way that you can actually plug in a jailbroken iPhone to the computer and run evas1on over it without causing any problem to the existing jailbreak.

Naturally, when you re-jailbreak your iPhone, evas1on installs Cydia. With the latest updates, the latest version of Cydia (1.1.9 as on writing this) gets installed on your iPhone. That’s about it.

2. iFile Method
If you don’t want to re-jailbreak (agreeably, there’s a bit of a risk there) and have iFile installed, this method is for you. You’ll need Cydia’s installation file (deb) for this.

  • Open Safari on your iDevice
  • Copy and paste this URL in the search bar: 
  • http://apt.saurik.com/debs/cydia_1.1.9_iphoneos-arm.deb
  • Tap on Open in iFile
  • Next, tap on Installer
  • iFile will install the new Cydia on your iPhone. Reboot and the Cydia icon should be back on the homescreen.

 3. OpenSSH and APT
This is the least-recommended path for users who aren’t tech-savvy. This method involves SSH-ing into your iDevice through a computer and issuing a couple of commands.

Once you have SSH-ed into your iDevice through your computer, open the Terminal/Command line in the program (WinSCP, Cyberduck etc.) and type the following:

type apt-get install cydia
[press return key and then type the next line]

su mobile -c uicache
[press return key again]

That should fetch Cydia and install it on the iDevice. Typically, APT is pre-installed with the jailbreak (comes through Cydia of course). OpenSSH is something you install through Cydia so this method assumes that you had installed OpenSSH via Cydia before deleting Cydia.

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