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WWDC 2014: The June Conference for iOS 8, Healthbook, iWatch and More

April 6 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iOS News

WWDC 2014: The June Conference for iOS 8, Healthbook, iWatch and More

Apple announces the dates for WWDC typically in April. WWDC 2014 is expected to happen sometime in June, typically the second week. Going by last year (June 10th), we expect WWDC 2014 to start on June 9th (Monday). There is no official word yet.

The conference is a hub of activity where Apple launches the update to iOS – what it calls the world’s best mobile operating system. This year, we’re looking at iOS 8 after a radical makeover in iOS 7.

By writing about this year’s WWDC about three months before the actual event, we’re still not the first. TechCrunch beat us to it by an year. Just kidding. WWDC is an exciting time of the year not just for Apple enthusiasts but for people on the periphery too. It’s a time when cynics obviously talk crap about Apple’s lack of innovation and more but it’s also a time when we get to see some really core developments in iOS ecosystem.

WWDC 2014: June 9th?
As usual, WWDC 2014 is a weekly affair. It starts typically on a Monday and runs through the week. Past WWDCs have happened at the Moscone Center (besides others but this one is the most-favored). The last WWDC was when tickets sold out within an hour.

June 9th, 2014 seems to be a very probable date for WWDC 2014. Apple should be announcing the dates sometime at the end of this month.

iOS 8: Healthbook, Radio, Improved Maps & More
There has been some concrete reporting as regards iOS8. One of the first things that we’ve heard is about the Healthbook app – a Passbook-like app which monitors and tracks your health and fitness. The so-called Healthbook app has been an indication of several things. Most notably, it has led speculators to speak about the iWatch as a health-oriented device. More than a smartphone like Samsung’s Gear, iWatch (or whatever Apple chooses to call it) appears to be aimed at fitness (like the Nike+ Fuelband or Jawbone etc.).

But the Healthbook is not all. Some other reports claim that Apple could be releasing iTunes Radio as a separate app. And there have been massive under-the-hood improvements in Maps after the string of acquisitions that Apple conducted over the year.

WWDC 2014 is when we get to see iOS 8 but the release/launch of the firmware would happen much later. Apple coincides the launch of iOS 8 with the next iPhone release.

iWatch in June/WWDC?
WWDC has a software focus. New devices are not introduced during the WWDC. If you hear someone (including us) telling you that June could be a very probable time for iWatch (or any smartphone from Apple’s stable), take it with a grain of salt or reject it outright. There’s very, very little possibility of that happening.

There’s no denying that iWatch could be a product slated for a late-2014 release although we’re still very doubtful about trying to make that claim. But if it has to happen, the WWDC doesn’t sound like a very plausible time. That said, the Healthbook app (iOS 8) would get the limelight and would open up even more speculations and expectations for iWatch.

Outside the iDevice ecosystem, we have two specific rumors doing the rounds: changes to OS X (which is kind of generic) and something about MacBook Air Retina. Rumors have constantly hinted at a 12-inch Retina MacBook Air. This prompts speculations about Apple doing away with 11-inch or 13-inch or both. Incidentally, more rumors pile atop these things, ranging from fanless-CPUs to thinner bezels (cues from iPad Air and iPad mini).

Source page: http://www.igeeksblog.com/wwdc-2014/

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