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3 Ways to Use Safari More Efficient on Your iPhone

May 5 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

3 Ways to Use Safari More Efficient on Your iPhone

Mobile Safari is one of the most frequently used apps on my iPhone and iPad.  Over the years it has often been a love hate relationship for me, though.  I even went as far as trying Chrome out as my default browser for a few months.  However, with recent upgrades, and the major overhaul iOS 7 brought to the ecosystem, Apple has made Safari one of my favorite apps again–and here is a just a few reasons why it will be a more efficient utility for you, too.


Single sign-in



One of the more convenient/helpful updates to Safari is the ability to sign-in once in the Settings, so that you can update your Facebook status or even tweet while in Safari, or straight from other supporting apps like your Photos, Camera, and Maps.


Manage open Safari pages



While in Safari, you can rearrange your open tabs by simply dragging and dropping them to re-order them as you see fit.  Additionally, to close a tab, all you have to do is swipe them off the screen or tap the X in the corner of the window.











Create web clips


Sometimes, you’d rather not open your browser to access your favorite website.  No worries, we’ve got you covered.  The easiest path to open any webpage quickly is to create web clips for them that you save on your home page like all your other favorite applications.  To set this up the first time, visit your favorite webpage, tap the share button in the upper left corner, and select add to home screen.  That’s it!  Now you will have an icon on your home page to open any time you want to visit this page.

Source: iSource.com

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