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How to Transfer iPhone Voice Memos to A Mac

June 24 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips

How to Transfer iPhone Voice Memos to A Mac

It's easy to record voice memos, but not so obvious how to get them on your Mac. Here's how to easily move voice memos from your iPhone to your Mac.

The Voice Memos app on the iPhone is a handy way to record audio in a number of situations. Tasked with taking minutes at a meeting? Put your iPhone on the table and let Voice Memos do the heavy lifting. Have a genius idea on your way home and need to capture it quickly before it disappears? Simply record your ramblings and they’re safe from the ravages of distraction. Of course this is all well and good, but at some point you’re going to want to move those files onto some other device like your Mac or PC. To achieve this you have a few options.

How to email a voice memo

The first is quite simply to email them to yourself. In the app select the recording you want to move, then tap on the Share icon in the left corner under the Play button. Now you have the option to send it as a Message or Mail.

Choose Mail then fill in the relevant details and hit send. This is fine for the occasional memo, but if you have several that you want to do at once - or have long recordings whose files sizes are not inbox friendly - then the best solution is to use iTunes.

How to sync an iPhone voice memo

Attach your iPhone to your PC or Mac and iTunes should automatically detect the handset. Now to move the Voice Memos you’ll need to click on your phone in the Devices section of the left panel. This opens up the main syncing screen where you decide which content you want on your phone.

The voice memo option is found in the Music section, so click on that and you’ll see the Sync Music tickbox at the top of the screen. You’ll need this selected to sync your memos.

Beneath this you’ll see there is another tickbox bearing the legend 'Include voice memos', ensure this is ticked and you’re good to go.

Now click Apply at the bottom of the page and iTunes will sync the voice memos into your music collection.

Find your synced iPhone Voice Memo on your Mac

To locate the files open up the Music section of your library and then navigate to the album artist named after your phone - so if it's John’s iPhone you’ll find them in the album Voice Memos by John’s iPhone. They should all be there and you can play them just like any other track.

If you want to move them to another service - say Dropbox - then bear in mind that the file type is .m4a, so any player you want to use  will need to be compatible with that format.

Something else to remember is that as these files are synced they won’t actually be deleted from your phone. To do this you’ll need to manually go through them yourself, but of course when you next sync the handset the memos will reappear. It’s not a perfect system by any means, but for casual use it works well.

If you intend to use voice memos more actively there are several apps available that have different workflows, our favourite being Evernote which alongside voice files also has photo and document scanner capabilities that all sync to the cloud automatically.

Source: Macworld.co.uk

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