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iOS Data Recovery & DRM Removal

QuickTips to Delete All History on Your iPhone

June 6 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Eraser, #iOS Data Eraser

You’ve spent all day on your iPhone planning your best friend’s and roommate’s surprise birthday party next week, and while you are sitting in the living room of your flat, giggling to yourself about how great this shindig is going to be, he walks through with wet hair and wearing only a towel.

“Hey, mate. My phone’s dead, and I need to call my doctor about that wart… can you let me use your iPhone?”

As you reel back in horror with the realization that you must hand over your phone to your friend that contains blatant evidence of a great deal of planning, you think of how you can purge your entire history in the next fifteen seconds. What are you going to do, my friend? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

Don’t fret. Clearing your iPhone’s most personal logs is a lot easier and less complicated than a lot of people think.

Purge Your Call Records

call   How to Delete Any & All History on Your iPhone

While the NSA and your mobile service provider may have a list of all your outgoing and incoming calls stored away somewhere, you don’t have to. For some reason, a few iPhone users believe the only way to delete call records is by deleting them individually. Not so! By going into your recent calls and tapping the Edit button, you will be given the option of Clear (located in the upper lefthand corner of the screen).

Tapping this will get rid of all your call records – pretty easy stuff, really. Furthermore, it’s a whole lot easier than deleting each and every individual call.

Clear Safari’s History

hist   How to Delete Any & All History on Your iPhone

I’m aware that some readers may use a different browser for their iPhones, but the reality is thatmost users are big advocates for Safari. However, the funny thing is that the way to clear your Internet history is within the Bookmarks section! Just go to Safari’s bookmarks, find the Historyfolder, and tap Clear.

Alternatively, you can go into your Settings, and from there, scroll down to Safari. While you’re in Safari’s settings, you’ll easily find the options to clear your web history and all other data associated with your browser.

Furthermore, if you wish to prevent the recording of any more history from here on out, you can turn Private Browsing on from the same page. This means no more logging of websites, cookies or search terms for as long as you’ve got it enabled, and no more problems.

Delete Your Conversations

text   How to Delete Any & All History on Your iPhone

Moving right along, you may – for whatever reason – have the need to delete your text messages. We get it. Everyone has their reasons. Maybe it’s because of an embarrassing text you accidentally sent. Perhaps it’s because you don’t want your lover to know that you have hired a hitman. Via SMS. It happens.

In a similar fashion to clearing your phone’s call records, you can go into individual message conversations, tap Edit in the top righthand corner, and you can clear your messages all in one go. Even better, you can clear all of you conversations via your conversations list in the Messagesapp by tapping Edit in the top lefthand corner and going through the same ordeal.

Reset The Keyboard History

reset   How to Delete Any & All History on Your iPhone

Perhaps one of the most annoying and hard-to-solve issues with iOS is its keyboard history. That is, it will autocorrect or complete certain words without you finishing them on your own. This, as you may know, can lead to tons of awkward texts and emails to various people who exist in your life. Fortunately, the solution for this is pretty simple.

All you need to do is to go into your Settings again, select General, go to Reset, and tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary. Boom. It was as easy as that. Now you don’t have to worry about accidentally calling your boss that special pet name that you and your co-workers came up with. Just call me a life-saver.

Nuke The Lot

Nagasakibomb   How to Delete Any & All History on Your iPhone

Finally if you’re truly after a clean slate you can delete everything and start again. Simply download and install the app called Wondershare SafeEraser for iPhone which would help you permanently erase all data on your iPhone with one click to make your iPhone a totally new one. After that, your phone will return itself to a factory settings, you will delete all data, call logs, photos and so on. Goodbye, cruel world!


Sometimes – if you’re like me – you clear you history because you’re a digital neat freak. For some reason, you are compelled to delete you usage track record in order to constantly have a clean slate. It’s no big issue.

On the other hand, there might be some of you who must clear your history for more scandalous reasons. Whatever it is, it’s not really my business. I’m just here to tell you that it’s possible.

Source: Makeuseof.com

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