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How to Turn YouTube Into A Streaming Audio Music Player On iPhone

July 11 2014 Published on #Music, #Online MP3 Player, #YouTube MP3 Downloader

There are many ways to get your streaming music fix on the go. Spotify, iTunes Radio and Pandora come to mind. But sadly they are not available in every country and while you can tip toe across that limitation, the free mobile apps are incredibly limited.

If you look around, you’ll find a lot of people using YouTube as a music service, so much so that YouTube is said to be working on a dedicated music streaming solution. They certainly do on their desktops. If that’s you or one of your friends, I’ve got good news. There’s a better way to stream music from YouTube (and just the music from YouTube videos) like a standalone music player on iPhone.

How? Let’s find out.

Tuner For YouTube Music

Tuner is a simple app. There are apps that let you play YouTube music in the background on Android and we have told you about them but this is something that’s happening for the first time on iOS.

When you launch the app, it will prompt you to watch a welcome video on YouTube that shows you how to use the app. You can watch it if you like or just read the lines below. The app is incredibly easy to use.

Tuner Tuner

The homescreen is the now playing screen. Swipe left to search for tracks, tap on a track to play it. From the button on the bottom right you can add a track to a playlist or make a new playlist. Playlists are local and aren’t synced with a YouTube account (you don’t even need to log in to YouTube to use this app).

Swipe right to see all your local playlists.

Tuner Tuner

There are not many customization options for this app. You can have the artwork spin around but that’s it.

Video As Well


If you tap the TV icon in the bottom bar, the album artwork will be replaced with the video of the song.

Works Like A Real Music Player

It does. Lock the screen, exit the app and the music will keep playing. There was a millisecond of break sometimes between that transition for me.

Tuner Tuner

Just like a native music player you can control the playback from anywhere on your iPhone. That means the controls from Control Center and the lockscreen. The album artwork, again, for some reason did not show up for me.

Ad Free

Hate ads on YouTube? You’re in luck, there are no ads in the Tuner app and the app itself is free as well.

The Quality

Unlike the YouTube videos, you have no control over the quality of the stream. I tried a couple of different genres and if you’re used to viewing the default 360p video on YouTube you shouldn’t have much problem with this app. After app, these are YouTube videos, can’t really demand high audio quality here.


The core element of the app – the actual music playing part – works flawlessly. It’s the things surrounding the experience that might be buggy. The artwork not showing up for example. If you’re on iPhone, Tuner is all you’ve got right now.

Source: GuidingTech.com

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