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iOS Data Recovery & DRM Removal

Tips: How To Speed Up iOS Tasks Without Jailbreaking

March 31 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iOS Tips

iOS isn’t known for its flexibility and the reputation isn’t entirely undeserved. It doesn’t have a built-in speed dial feature, sharing between third-party apps is a long-winded process, there are no widgets, and syncing files over iTunes isn’t everyone’s...

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How to Recover Deleted iPhone Contacts from iCloud

March 31 2014 , Written by Carol Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

"I was updating my iPhone 4S to iOS 7 one day, suddenly something went wrong, and then it just led me to a cruel result - I lost EVERYTHING on my iPhone! No contacts, no photos, no videos, nothing!! I open iCloud and all my contacts are laying there....

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iPhone Backup Extractor - Extract & Recover iPhone Backup

March 30 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

How would you do if you just lost or broke your iPhone and need to recover lost data files from the iPhone backup using your desktop computer only but without connecting another iPhone to recover that backed up data? If you have the same problem as losing...

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iPhone 6: Six Things I'd Like to See

March 30 2014 , Written by Carol Published on #iOS News

iPhone 6 fantasies will no doubt reach fetishistic levels at some point, but we're far enough out from the fall, and from the inevitable leaks that will come as fall approaches, that many possibilities, many dreams, remain open to us. What with the all...

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How to Transfer Data from Your Old iPad to Your New iPad Air or Retina iPad Mini

March 29 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iOS Tips

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GET ALL YOUR CONTACTS, CALENDARS, APPS, AND MORE FROM YOUR OLD IPAD ONTO YOUR NEW IPAD AIR OR RETINA IPAD MINI If you've just upgraded to a new iPad Air or Retina i Pad mini from an older generation iPad, transferring all...

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News: Microsoft Released Office for iPad

March 28 2014 , Written by Kelly Published on #iOS News

Rumors have been circulating for years that Microsoft was working on a version of Office for the iPad, with speculation getting so intense at one point that the company went out of its way to categorically deny it. Still, once Microsoft released Office...

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5 Best iPad Apps to Edit Photos

March 28 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iOS Apps

“The iPad doesn’t have a camera, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a useful device for shutterbugs.” – This is how my colleague Bakari introduced a collection of editing tools for the iPad only 3.5 years ago. Boy, things have sure changed. The iPad is no...

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iPhone 5S Data Recovery - How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone 5S

March 28 2014 , Written by Carol Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

While iPhone 5S brings us more user-friendlyexperiences and stunning new features, more and more iPhone users are beginning to worry about losing important data from iPhone 5S. The causes of data loss on iPhone 5S are various, such as jailbreak failure,...

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iPhone 6: All The Hardware Rumors So Far

March 27 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iOS Tips

Apple's next iPhone is always a heavily rumored affair. We gather all the whispers here and make sense of it. With Mobile World Congress just around the corner, rumors about new and upcoming devices are as thick as an Francisco fog. However, one company...

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4 Solutions to Recover Deleted SMS from iPhone

March 27 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

Losing messages on iPhone can be extremely anxious for those who are often using iPhone to send or receive SMS messages, especially when there's some important information in those messages. Since it is common that iPhone users accidently deleted their...

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How to Fix iPhone or iPad Battery Life Problems on iOS 7.1

March 27 2014 , Written by Kelly Published on #iOS Tips

Apple released iOS 7.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch earlier in the week with number of new features, refinements, improvements and bug fixes. iOS 7.1 does not include any major features so ideally there should not be any major impact on battery life,...

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How to Recover Your WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone

March 27 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

Deleted all WhatsApp chat messages on your iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS? Since WhatsApp has gained widespread popularity, it seems that accidental deletion of chat history on WhatsApp has become a common problem for most iPhone users. For example, you meant to hit...

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QuickTip: How To Play YouTube Videos In The Background On IOS 7

March 26 2014 , Written by Kelly Published on #iOS Tips

Some might remember a time when YouTube was an built-in app on iOS devices – you could play YouTube videos in the background, thereby allowing you to use other apps (or turn the screen off) while still being able to listen to the audio of the YouTube...

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How to Restore iPhone after Upgrading to iOS 7

March 26 2014 , Written by Carol Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

Making an upgrade to iOS 7 has its risks and pitfalls since even a well-engineered upgrade can sometimes fail and may lead to problems, like data loss. Some users have reported that after upgrading to iOS 7, their iPhone 5 was restored to factory settings...

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iOS 8 Speculations: Taking Stock Of the Rumors

March 25 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iOS Tips

We’re about three months from WWDC 2014, the conference where Apple is expected to announce iOS 8 and subsequently release it when it launches the iPhone 6 (or whatever they’re planning to call the next flagship iPhone model). Apple plays its cards close...

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