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iOS Data Recovery & DRM Removal

How to Recover Data from iPad without iTunes Backup

May 30 2014 Published on #iPad Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

iTunes backup is one of the best ways for iOS users to recover lost data on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. But sometimes you may deleted important data like photos, notes, contacts from your iPad by mistake and unfortunately you haven't synced your iPad...

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How to Downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7

May 30 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

How can I downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7? Will I be able to delete iOS 8 from my iPhone or iPad and use an earlier operating system? Can I reinstall iOS 7 (or iOS 6) after upgrading to iOS 8? For those who are worried about getting stuck with iOS 8 when...

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How to Permanently Erase Data on iPhone Before Selling It

May 30 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Eraser, #iOS Data Eraser

I'm going to buy a new iPhone. But before I sell the old iPhone, I need to erase my iPhone permanently. Is the built-in erasing method on iPhone secure enough? How do I ensure that it completely wiped off all my personal information that can't be recovered...

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How to Stop iPhone Calls Going Straight to Voicemail

May 29 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iOS Tips

Missing calls on your iPhone recently? Do your iPhone calls go directly to voicemail? You are not alone. For some unknown reason many iPhones suddenly switch to a curious setting that sends most iPhone calls straight to voicemail in iOS 7. Luckily there’s...

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How to Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone 5

May 29 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

How Many Ways Are There to Retrieve Deleted Messages on iPhone? It has become a common problem that iPhone users deleted their important messages by accident. So is there any method to get them back? If you Googe the solutions to recover deleted messages...

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Jailbreaking iOS 7.1: What Jailbreakers Need to Know

May 29 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

As we know, Apple released iOS 7.1 upgrade for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on March 10. During the past few months, rumors about untethered jailbreak iOS 7.1 has been widely spread on the Internet. We've seen some hackers sharing different evidences attempted...

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How to Manually Save WhatsApp Photos to iPhone

May 28 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #App

You wanted to stop Whatsapp from auto-saving images and you did. But then, there are some photos you want to save to your camera roll. Some photos are worthy enough to be saved for eternity. What do you do then? If Whatsapp has access to your Photos app...

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How to Delete All Contacts on iPhone Permanently

May 28 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Eraser, #iOS Data Eraser

Creating contacts on iPhone is a simple process. However, to delete all iPhone contacts once and for all can be a laborious task since iPhone only allows us to delete one single contact at a time. What if we have hundreds of contacts saved on iPhone that...

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How to Remove DRM Protection from iTunes M4V on Windows

May 27 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #Remove DRM

If you like to purchase or rent movies from Apple iTunes store, you will face the problem when you want to play the downloaded video files on some portable devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, HTC One M8, Google Nexus 5 and other media players....

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How to Free Install WhatsApp on iPad without Jailbreaking

May 27 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iOS Tips

WhatsApp Messenger is an incredibly popular app for the iPhone. It lets you send messages to your friends, or to groups of friends, over Wi-Fi or 3G, thereby saving on your phone bill (although you may still end up paying for the data if you go over your...

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How to Manage iCloud Storage & Backup Settings for iPhone and iPad

May 27 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

If you have both an iPad, and iPhone, and have turned on iCloud backup on both devices; then chances are you’ve seen this message: “This iPad cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available. You can manage your storage in settings”....

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Backup iPad - How to Backup iPad without iTunes

May 27 2014 Published on #iPad Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

When spoke of iPad backup, most iPad users may think of the method to backup iPad with iTunes. But have you ever encountered a time when it's not convenient for you to use iTunes? Have you ever thought of making iPad backup without iTunes? If so, you...

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iBook DRM Removal - How to Remove DRM From iTunes iBooks

May 26 2014 Published on #eBook DRM Removal

If you prefer to purchase eBooks from iBook store, you would know that all iBooks are DRM protected as other content provided by Apple. You can't read the iBooks on other eReaders except iPad. How can we do if we need to read the iBooks on Kindle eReader...

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Beginner’s Guide To Publishing Your Own Ebook

May 26 2014 Published on #Tech Guide

If you are reading this then you probably already have a manuscript or a book idea ready. What you want to know is what else you have to commit to before you can become an ebook author . Self-publishing is easier now than it has ever been before, making...

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How to Fix A Broken Charge Port on iPhone 5

May 26 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips

If your iPhone 5 isn't charging anymore, it's possible that either liquid came into contact with your charge port, or one of the pins are broken. Other symptoms of a bad dock connector can include iTunes not recognizing your iPhone when it's plugged into...

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