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iOS Data Recovery & DRM Removal

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5 Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

June 23 2014 Published on #Accessories

Nowadays a cell phone is one of the most important gadgets you’ll need in day-to-day life. Cell phones have come a long way from the giant bricks that they used to be to the current do-it-all slim devices that they now are, but owning a cell phone by...

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How to Download and Install iOS 8 on iPhone, iPad, iPod

June 23 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

Apple recently released iOS 8 beta 2 into the wild, about half a moth after the first unveil of iOS 8 beta at its WWDC 2014. The latest beta 2 version of iOS 8 is said to be more stable than the first iOS 8 beta with several bugs fixed and a couple of...

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Nook DRM Removal - Remove DRM Protection from Nook eBooks

June 23 2014 Published on #eBook DRM Removal

Nook which is also called Barnes & Noble Nook, is the second popular ereader in USA developed by Barnes & Noble. It's based on Android OS. Users can shop, download and read eBooks from Barnes & Noble Nook. Most Nook eBooks are paid and DRM protected....

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How to Backup Data on Locked iPhone

June 23 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

How can I backup data on locked iPhone? I changed my iPhone log password but forgot it. So it's passcode locked now. And it doesn't allow me to back it up because it's locked. I'm wondering is there any method to restore the password and get a new password...

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10 Cool New features in Photos for iOS 8 & Mac Yosemite

June 20 2014 Published on #iOS News, #iOS Tips, #Mac Tips

The new Photos app in Mac OS X and iOS 8 is set to take photography to a whole new level. Here are the new features to be found in Photos for iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite. In amongst the massive range of new features for iOS 8 and Yosemite is a huge boost...

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10 Best eReader Apps for PC

June 20 2014 Published on #App, #eBook DRM Removal

An eBook reader app is essential for eBook lovers. But it's different for reading eBooks from each retailer. Most eBook retailers have developed their own ereader apps. For example, Nook eBooks have Nook ereader app, Kobo eBooks can be read with Kobo...

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2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup: Big-Name Footballers and Their Favorite Music

June 20 2014 Published on #Music, #Online MP3 Downloader

Some people believe that music brings inspiration to footballers because the variety of the rhythm is easy to arouse their non-liner thinking on the ground. No matter it's true or not, one thing we can't deny is the important role music plays in footballers'...

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How to Rescue Data from Water Damaged iPhone

June 20 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

Dropping iPhone into water can be disaster for you who have stored important data, like precious photos, SMS, contacts, bookmarks on it. Because it would be no easy to fix a water damaged iPhone. That's to say, you may probably lose your data on the iPhone...

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iPhone 6 Rumors & Tips to Recover Lost Data from iPhone 6

June 19 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iPhone Data Recovery

Every year when Apple is about to release new updates or devices, rumors would get started to accelerate constantly. And now, this kind of situation is just taking place on iPhone 6, Apple's next generation of iPhone. Will it be bigger or stay the same...

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Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites

June 18 2014 Published on #Online MP3 Player, #Online MP3 Downloader

The Internet has made it easy to get a free download of just about any song you want. The problem, however, is that free music isn’t always legal music. If you’re the honest type and you like to pay for your tunes and support the artists, labels, and...

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How to Recover Lost iPhone Data without iTunes Backup

June 18 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

Lost personal data on iPhone with no backup in iTunes? How to recover? Making backup of iPhone is an efficient way to prevent from iPhone data loss. Because if you accidentally lost or deleted important personal data from iPhone, you can easily get them...

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How to Delete Multiple or Individual Text Messages on iOS 7

June 18 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Eraser

In iOS 7, deleting messages on a thread level is easy and somewhat obvious. It’s not always practical to delete an entire thread, when there might be just one message you’d like to remove from your iPhone. Thankfully, there are options for both, which...

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iOS 8: How Much Impact Would iOS 8 Have On iPhone’s Battery Life

June 17 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

With every iOS update comes concerns about battery. We’re at iOS 8 beta right now, so it would be too early to talk about iOS 8 battery issues/concerns. However, with all the new features, old devices are obviously going to buckle down. And it’s a good...

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How to Recover Lost Contacts from iPad

June 17 2014 Published on #iPad Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

You may like to use your iPad for work or business. And you have also saved many of your partners phone numbers, addresses, etc on your iPad. But suddenly you just found you lost all the contacts on your iPad due to jailbreak failure, system crash, accidental...

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Top 5 Tips to Speed Up iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S on iOS 7

June 17 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #iPhone Tips

The iPhone 4 was a huge feat in engineering for its time on both a software and hardware level. However, several years later, the iPhone 4, and even the iPhone 4s, just don't run newer software the way they used to. For many people, iOS 7 really caused...

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