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5 Ways to Improve Battery Life on Android KitKat

July 2 2014 Published on #Android Tips

There I was, showing off my new HTC One to a friend when “plink!” the low battery alert sounded. Considering it wasn’t yet lunchtime, this was potentially embarrassing. With under 20% charge left, I had to act fast. Charging An Android KitKat Phone Getting...

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Top 9 Tips to Extend Your Android's Battery Life

June 3 2014 Published on #Android Tips

Getting more out of less — that seems to be the way of the world right now. There’s only so much of anything, and we want to make it last, right? Can we get more life out of our phones so we don’t have to charge them as often? Can we make them run longer...

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Five Android Apps That Prolong Your Smartphone's Battery Life

May 8 2014 Published on #Android Tips, #Android Apps

This collection of apps will not only extend the life of your handset, but could also improve its overall performance. Have you ever found yourself wishing that your Android's battery would last longer? Don't answer that -- I already know. Be it an app...

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What Are The Best New Samsung Galaxy S5 Features?

May 6 2014 Published on #Android Tips, #Reviews

The Galaxy S5, announced back in February, is just now hitting the shelves, and it brings with it some pretty unique and killer features. It’s not the most innovative smartphone out there, but it is a solid evolution of the Galaxy S4 and is definitely...

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How to Quickly Share Photos and Videos Between iPhone and Android

April 25 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #Android Tips

iPhone & Android Sharing media between two Android devices is a cakewalk. Just turn on the Bluetooth, search for the device, press the send button and boom, the files are transferred. However if it’s between an Android and an iOS device, everything changes....

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Samsung Galaxy S5: 3 Things You May Not Know

April 21 2014 Published on #Android Tips

It seems that the rumours built towards the Samsung Galaxy S5 release are wildly exaggerated. It turns out that the latest device is nothing more than an upgrade from the Galaxy S4. It is nothing revolutionary really. Nevertheless, there is no denying...

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