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iOS Data Recovery & DRM Removal

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3 Best Alternatives to Requiem to Remove FairPlay DRM

August 20 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #iTunes DRM Converter, #Remove DRM, #iTunes DRM Removal

Requiem we want to talk about here is a Fairplay DRM removal Freeware, which can remove Fairplay DRM protection from M4V videos, audios and iBooks purchased from iTunes store. It does the DRM removing process with no quality lose, no decoding and re-encoding....

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Keep Closed Caption When Removing DRM from iTunes Movies

August 18 2014 Published on #iTunes DRM Converter, #Remove DRM, #DRM Media Converter

Closed Caption What's Closed Captions (CC)? Closed Captioning (CC) is a kind of special subtitle contained in digital movies, DVD movies. The closed captions is used to describe some content with explanatory texts, which is specially designed for the...

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How to Keep AC3 5.1 Audio When Converting iTunes Videos

August 12 2014 Published on #iTunes DRM Converter, #DRM Media Converter, #Remove DRM

How important the Dolby 5.1 surround sound is. Nowadays, the movie quality, both for iTunes movies, DVD movies or movies from other retailers are enhanced by Dolby 5.1 surround sound, which is now the most commonly used layout in both commercial cinemas...

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How to Convert iTunes M4V to MP4 with Audio Tracks & Subtitles Preserved

August 6 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #M4V to MP4, #iTunes DRM Converter

There are many iTunes M4V Video Converter software that can convert iTunes M4V to MP4 format in the market. But only few of them can keep the original subtitles and audio tracks of the iTunes movies after conversion. Here in this article, we will discuss...

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How to Bypass iTunes DRM Lock on iTunes 11.3

July 23 2014 Published on #iTunes DRM Converter, #Remove DRM, #DRM Media Converter

Apple's new iTunes 11.3 On July 10, 2014, Apple published its new iTunes version, iTunes 11.3. In this new version, Apple enhanced the iTunes extras for customers. So that we can enjoy the extra videos free on computer. The feature is also available for...

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How to Remove DRM from iTunes TV Shows Losslessly

July 21 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #M4V to MP4, #iTunes DRM Converter

I recently rented the TV show "House of Cards" from iTunes store. It's a fantastic political story happened on the White House. I just finished watching the first season and want to rent more episodes on iTunes. As we all know, the iTunes rental TV shows...

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Best Free DRM Removal Tools to Remove DRM from Videos, eBooks, Musics

July 17 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #Remove DRM

It seems the most we talked about are paid DRM remover software shareware. But for some people, they awant to find free DRM removal software even though the quality is not so good. Then what's the suggestion? In this article, we want to recommend some...

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How to Transfer iTunes Movie Purchases/Rentals to Nokia Lumia

July 1 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #iTunes to Nokia, #M4V to MP4

Q: I'm getting a new phone Nokia Lumia 630 in a week, and I'm going to keep my old iphone to use like an ipod... But I have movies that I've bought from itunes, and I was wondering if there was a way to sync those to my new Nokia Lumia 630, is it possible?...

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How to Transfer iTunes Movies to Other Accounts

June 23 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #iTunes Tips

Who is desired to know how to transfer iTunes movies to another account? Q: How can I transfer a movie I bought to my wife on her account to my account? --Asked by Francis407 on Apple Support Communities Q: How do i transfer a rented movie from my user...

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How to Convert DRM Protected WMV to MP4

June 16 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #DRM WMV to MP4

What Is WMV? WMV is short for Windows Media Video, which is a video compression format for several proprietary codecs developed by Microsoft. As the original WMV files, it usually performs as a kind of stream video format designed for Internet streaming...

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How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4V on Mac Yosemite

June 10 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #M4V to MP4

Mac OS X Yosemite – What’s New Apple unveiled its completely new Mac OS X Yosemite to the world at WWDC 2014 on June 2. Before the official version finally launches to the public, let’s take a brief look at the new features brought by this entirely fresh...

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Best DRM Removal Software for Mac Review

June 9 2014 Published on #Reviews, #Remove DRM, #DRM Media Converter

It's obvious that DRM is used by copyright holders to prevent consumers access the digital content with more freedom, like copying the digital content, sharing the digital content online or converting it to other formats. But many people are against DRM...

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How to Remove DRM Protection from iTunes M4V on Windows

May 27 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #Remove DRM

If you like to purchase or rent movies from Apple iTunes store, you will face the problem when you want to play the downloaded video files on some portable devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, HTC One M8, Google Nexus 5 and other media players....

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Convert Kindle eBooks – How to Remove DRM from Kindle E-Books

April 29 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #eBook DRM Removal

Kindle E-Book Most media, such as purchased movies on iTunes, video files downloaded from Windows Media Center as well as ebooks on Kindle are all loaded with DRM schemes. What on earth is DRM? For example, the DRM on Kindle ebooks is applied to restrict...

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M4V to MOV Converter - How to Convert DRM M4V to MOV Format

April 28 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #M4V to MOV

iTunes DRM M4V to MOV MOV vs. M4V As we know, MOV is actually intended for use with QuickTime and is the default format for the player, while M4V videos downloaded from iTunes are with DRM protection which prevents us from copying and playing the M4V...

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