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Guide on How to Upgrade iPhone, iPad, iPod to iOS 8

October 16 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #iOS News

Upgrade to iOS 8 Apple's newest mobile operating system, the iOS 8, is finally here for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to download and install. If you are eager to experience all the new stunning features brought by iOS 8 on your device, you can simply...

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How to Prepare iOS 8 Update on iPhone, iPad, iPod

October 8 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

iOS 8, the latest and biggest release of Apple's mobile operating system so far, is now available for download on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With the improvements to new health and fitness apps, a brighter spotlight, smarter keyboard and and revamped...

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Best Way to Downgrade from iOS 8 Beta to iOS 7

July 21 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

Although it will still be a long period before Apple's iOS 8 official version is finally available, many iOS users have already downloaded and installed the latest iOS 8 beta on their iPhone or iPad. But since there are still some bugs which would make...

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How to Add, Delete or Hide Calendars on iPhone or iPad

July 18 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iOS Tips

Apple’s excellent Calendar app is a great way to organize your busy life. The app offers the basic productivity tools that will meet the needs of most people who are looking to keep track of important appointments, meetings and events. Both the iPhone...

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How to Backup and Restore Apps With Data On iOS Without iTunes

July 11 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #iOS Data Recovery

iTunes allows you to back up and restore apps along with all the data as and when you wish. But if you’ve ever used iTunes to sync data to and from your iPhone, you know it’s not the best experience you could have. Apple has hammered this idea into our...

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How To Jailbreak iOS 7.1.x

July 10 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

Last week a Chinese team called Pangu released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1, much to the dismay of seasoned jailbreakers like Stefan Esser (@i0n1c) whose past work was used in the exploit. Regardless of how jilted developers feel, a jailbreak...

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How to Fix WhatsApp Crashing on iOS 8 Beta

July 8 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

It turns out that WhatsApp crashes in iOS 8 beta (both 1 and 2) very frequently and the reason for that, courtesy good folks of the internet, is what is called ligatures. If a conversation/thread in your WhatsApp chats has words containing the duo-letters...

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How to Fix a Non-working FaceTime

July 3 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #iPhone Tips

FaceTime is Apple’s great video phone call app and service, but sometimes things go wrong. Here are 11 quick fixes for FaceTime This feature looks at how to fix common problems when Apple’s FaceTime isn’t working. These 11 FaceTime fixes will help you...

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How to Delete Facebook Account on iPhone and iPad

July 2 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Eraser, #iPhone Tips, #iOS Tips

Facebook has a rather shaky reputation when it comes to abusing and using data from user accounts. Most recently, Facebook apparently ran psychological experiments using some of the data it collected from profiles and timelines without user consent. Whether...

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How to Print Files from iPhone or iPad

July 1 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iOS Tips

Wirelessly printing photos and documents straight from your iPhone and iPad can be as easy as sending someone a text message, using one of several built-in and third-party options. Though paperless reading and sharing of documents is easy and affordable...

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How to Prepare for the iOS 8 Launch

June 30 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

iOS 8, the next version of Apple's operating system software for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, is strongly expected to launch at WWDC 2014, starting on 2 June. But many users have been caught out, one way or another, by iOS upgrade launches in the...

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How to Download and Install iOS 8 on iPhone, iPad, iPod

June 23 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

Apple recently released iOS 8 beta 2 into the wild, about half a moth after the first unveil of iOS 8 beta at its WWDC 2014. The latest beta 2 version of iOS 8 is said to be more stable than the first iOS 8 beta with several bugs fixed and a couple of...

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10 Cool New features in Photos for iOS 8 & Mac Yosemite

June 20 2014 Published on #iOS News, #iOS Tips, #Mac Tips

The new Photos app in Mac OS X and iOS 8 is set to take photography to a whole new level. Here are the new features to be found in Photos for iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite. In amongst the massive range of new features for iOS 8 and Yosemite is a huge boost...

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iOS 8: How Much Impact Would iOS 8 Have On iPhone’s Battery Life

June 17 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

With every iOS update comes concerns about battery. We’re at iOS 8 beta right now, so it would be too early to talk about iOS 8 battery issues/concerns. However, with all the new features, old devices are obviously going to buckle down. And it’s a good...

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Top 5 Tips to Speed Up iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S on iOS 7

June 17 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #iPhone Tips

The iPhone 4 was a huge feat in engineering for its time on both a software and hardware level. However, several years later, the iPhone 4, and even the iPhone 4s, just don't run newer software the way they used to. For many people, iOS 7 really caused...

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