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Apple iTunes 11.1.5 Review

May 15 2014 Published on #Reviews, #iOS Tips

iTunes 11.1.5 Apple has fixed the problems plaguing iTunes, and now we can look at the new features in depth. Our iTunes 11.1.5 review tests iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle and Podcast Stations. iTunes 11.1.5 review Our iTunes 11.1.5 review was updated on...

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How to Block/Unblock WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone Running iOS 7

May 14 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

WhatsApp – world’s most popular cross-platform messaging app – has many cool features. It lets you share audio notes, videos, and photos, along with the usual text conversations embedded with rich emoticons. Like most other apps, WhatsApp takes your privacy...

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3 Ways to Use Safari More Efficient on Your iPhone

May 5 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

Mobile Safari is one of the most frequently used apps on my iPhone and iPad. Over the years it has often been a love hate relationship for me, though. I even went as far as trying Chrome out as my default browser for a few months. However, with recent...

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Scan Your Media, Books & More Into Your Library With Your iPhone

May 1 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

Cataloguing your books, DVDs, games, and other media couldn’t be easier than with an iPhone and one a few good scanner and media library apps — most notably Fantastic Library and GoodReads. With these iOS apps you can keep track of your books and other...

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How to Delete All Photos from iPhone

April 29 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

One of the biggest offenders when it comes to storage space can be your photos and videos. A 16GB iPhone 5s can easily bump up against your storage limits. It can be frustrating not being able to download a new app, software update or even take new videos....

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How iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Need to Fix iCloud Keychain

April 29 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #Mac Tips

iCloud Keychain lets you generate, store, and manage strong, unique passwords between your iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac. In theory, that's an amazing win for both convenience and security. Unfortunately, it's only in theory. Sadly there are two big problems...

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How to Set Up iCloud Photo Stream on iPad, iPhone [iOS 7.x]

April 28 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

Photostreams is Apple’s way of connecting all your devices (via iCloud) so that when you click a photo on one device, that photo appears on all other devices. If you have an iPhone, iPad and a Mac/PC, enabling iCloud Photostreams will make sure that a...

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How to Setup iMessage on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

April 27 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

Apple’s iMessage is a great free service that allows you to interact with friends, friends, family and co-workers who also have an iOS device or a Mac. You can send text messages, photos and even videos. Not only is iMessage free, but it also helps you...

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How to Quickly Share Photos and Videos Between iPhone and Android

April 25 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #Android Tips

iPhone & Android Sharing media between two Android devices is a cakewalk. Just turn on the Bluetooth, search for the device, press the send button and boom, the files are transferred. However if it’s between an Android and an iOS device, everything changes....

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How to Sync Bookmarks with Two iCloud Accounts

April 22 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

I’ve set up two iCloud accounts on the iPad Air that my girlfriend and I share—one for her iCloud ID and another for mine. The problem is that I see only my account’s bookmarks in Safari. What do I need to do to have her bookmarks appear as well? If,...

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33 Great Tips and Tricks for iOS 7

April 20 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

Whether it’s the first time you’ve picked up an iPad or the seventeenth time you’ve pulled out your iPhone today, there are probably still some iOS 7 features and functionality that you’re not familiar with. Don’t sweat it: We’re here to help. We’ve collected...

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Jailbroken iPhone Damaged? Restore To Factory Settings Before Repair!

April 18 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iOS Tips

So your jailbroken iPhone is eligible for a repair under warranty, but you already voided that when you replaced the software. Is all hope lost? You could restore the phone to its former untampered-with glory and then return it to Apple for service –...

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How To Reset / Restore iPhone Without Losing Jailbreak

April 17 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

Gone are the days when jailbreaking iOS devices was a really complicated matter and required users to be tech-savvy. The last two jailbreaks have been almost one-click solutions; evasi0n is so easy to use that it even beats the iOS 5 jailbreak Corona...

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How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to iPad

April 14 2014 Published on #iOS Tips

So you’ve captured some great video using your iPhone, but that little display just isn’t providing you with the sort of screen real estate that would do justice for editing together a final movie. No worries, you have an iPad. But wait, those videos...

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How to: Restore/Re-Virginize Your Jailbroken iPhone

April 11 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iOS Tips

So you are having issues with your iPhone? Maybe you jailbroke it and things did not go as well as you planned? Perhaps you have to take your iPhone back to an Apple Store because of a hardware related issue and you are jailbroken? Well I will tell you...

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