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iOS Data Recovery & DRM Removal

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What to Do Before Upgrading Old iPhone to iPhone 6 (Plus)

September 18 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iPhone Data Recovery, #iPhone Data Eraser

As the long-waited iPhone 6 starts to hit the shelves, most of the existing iPhone users are eager to abandon their old iPhones to get the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Then the problem comes when they finally decide to sell the old iPhone - how to make...

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How to Get Back Lost iPhone Photos from iCloud

September 12 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iPhone Photo Recovery

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service provided by Apple to allow users store data such as music, pictures, iOS applications, contacts, notes, calendars, etc on remote computer servers for download to multiple devices including iOS-based...

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How to Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone from iTunes

September 10 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

My daughter accidentally deleted the contacts from my iPhone when she was playing it this morning. I have made a backup of my iPhone in iTunes a few days ago. I'm wondering whether there is any way to recover the lost contacts from iTunes other than to...

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Download and Backup iPhone Photos to Mac

September 2 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

Q: "How can I download and transfer photos from my iPhone to MacBook Pro for backup? It seems hardly to do that on Mac than on Windows computer." As it turns out, iPhone is an ideal device to take photos than most traditional cameras. However, those who...

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2 Ways to Recover iPhone Data with iTunes Backup

August 15 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

It's upset to find out all the data saved on our iPhone lost in a sudden, especially when those data are important to us. However, you don't need to be panic if it happens to you. The good news is that no matter in which situation you lost data from iPhone,...

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How to Backup iPhone Contacts without iTunes

July 24 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

Contacts are important to us especially to those who often use their iPhone for business. Losing those contacts of iPhone will mess up their work and life. So it's necessary and wise to have the iPhone contacts backed up securely on PC for future use...

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What's the Best Way to Recover Lost Call History on iPhone

July 23 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

Help! Just now I missed an important interview call on my iPhone. When I meant to call it back, I deleted it by mistake! This call mean a lot to me. I must get it back. Since I had not back upward the iPhone call history from itunes, I'm wondering whether...

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How to Recover Lost Data on iPhone with Forgotten Password

July 8 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

How to Unlock iPhone if You Forgot the Passcode "I changed my iPhone screen lock passcode yesterday but forgot what it is. Now I was locked out of my iPhone which stays disabled with a black screen. Any suggestions on how to unlock the iPhone?" Don't...

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How to Recover Data from Stolen iPhone

July 1 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

My iPhone was stolen a few weeks ago. I want to get back the data stored on that stolen iPhone. So how can I recover data from the stolen iPhone without the device? I have synced my iPhone with iTunes not long ago before it's stolen. So maybe I can restore...

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How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Screen

June 30 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

My iPhone doesn't boot into iOS normally. It initially displays Apple logo once the cable is connected and then it just gets stuck there. I can get it into recovery mode by holding Home and Power buttons, but it still stays on the recovery screen with...

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How to Recover iPhone Data After Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

June 24 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

Restoring iPhone to factory settings may cause data loss on iPhone. Have you ever unfortunately lost all your iPhone files after restroing your iPhone to factory settings? If you lost iPhone data after restored it to factory settings, do you know how...

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How to Backup Data on Locked iPhone

June 23 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery

How can I backup data on locked iPhone? I changed my iPhone log password but forgot it. So it's passcode locked now. And it doesn't allow me to back it up because it's locked. I'm wondering is there any method to restore the password and get a new password...

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How to Rescue Data from Water Damaged iPhone

June 20 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

Dropping iPhone into water can be disaster for you who have stored important data, like precious photos, SMS, contacts, bookmarks on it. Because it would be no easy to fix a water damaged iPhone. That's to say, you may probably lose your data on the iPhone...

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iPhone 6 Rumors & Tips to Recover Lost Data from iPhone 6

June 19 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iPhone Data Recovery

Every year when Apple is about to release new updates or devices, rumors would get started to accelerate constantly. And now, this kind of situation is just taking place on iPhone 6, Apple's next generation of iPhone. Will it be bigger or stay the same...

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How to Recover Lost iPhone Data without iTunes Backup

June 18 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Recovery, #iOS Data Recovery

Lost personal data on iPhone with no backup in iTunes? How to recover? Making backup of iPhone is an efficient way to prevent from iPhone data loss. Because if you accidentally lost or deleted important personal data from iPhone, you can easily get them...

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