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What to Do Before Upgrading Old iPhone to iPhone 6 (Plus)

September 18 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iPhone Data Recovery, #iPhone Data Eraser

As the long-waited iPhone 6 starts to hit the shelves, most of the existing iPhone users are eager to abandon their old iPhones to get the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Then the problem comes when they finally decide to sell the old iPhone - how to make...

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How to Add, Delete or Hide Calendars on iPhone or iPad

July 18 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iOS Tips

Apple’s excellent Calendar app is a great way to organize your busy life. The app offers the basic productivity tools that will meet the needs of most people who are looking to keep track of important appointments, meetings and events. Both the iPhone...

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Fix iPhone Syncing Problems with iTunes

July 15 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips

Sometimes the iPhone struggles to sync with your computer. If so you can’t sync music, movies and other media from iTunes. This feature shows you how to fix common iTunes syncing problems. Having an iPhone that won't sync to iTunes is a real pain, this...

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Top 3 iPhone Apps to Protect Your Privacy and Important Data

July 11 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #App, #iOS Apps

Nowadays, iPhone (and smartphone owners in general) are more connected than ever. While this is definitely convenient, sometimes (if you work with the NSA, feel free to replace the word with “all the time”) your information or communication could end...

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How to Unlock An iPhone

July 8 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips

How to unlock and iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c. Our guide to getting a free unlock code for iPhones enables you to unlock an iPhone without using a jailbreak or hack. Learn how to legally unlock your iPhone. Here we show you how to unlock all iPhones including...

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Tips to Keep Your iPhone Safe for the Cruel Summer

July 4 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips

It was a warm summer night and I had been leaning back in adirondack chair, enjoying a cold Samuel Adams as the warm breeze reminded me that summer was upon us. The moment was short lived. Being the parent to an active toddler, chasing her to prevent...

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How to Fix a Non-working FaceTime

July 3 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #iPhone Tips

FaceTime is Apple’s great video phone call app and service, but sometimes things go wrong. Here are 11 quick fixes for FaceTime This feature looks at how to fix common problems when Apple’s FaceTime isn’t working. These 11 FaceTime fixes will help you...

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How to Delete Facebook Account on iPhone and iPad

July 2 2014 Published on #iPhone Data Eraser, #iPhone Tips, #iOS Tips

Facebook has a rather shaky reputation when it comes to abusing and using data from user accounts. Most recently, Facebook apparently ran psychological experiments using some of the data it collected from profiles and timelines without user consent. Whether...

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How to Print Files from iPhone or iPad

July 1 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iOS Tips

Wirelessly printing photos and documents straight from your iPhone and iPad can be as easy as sending someone a text message, using one of several built-in and third-party options. Though paperless reading and sharing of documents is easy and affordable...

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How to Transfer Text Messages from One iPhone to Another

June 24 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips

When you set up a new iPhone your Messages app will be empty. This tutorial shows you how to transfer text messages from one iPhone to another. How to transfer text messages from one iPhone to another is a useful trick to know. This article looks at how...

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How to Transfer iPhone Voice Memos to A Mac

June 24 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips

It's easy to record voice memos, but not so obvious how to get them on your Mac. Here's how to easily move voice memos from your iPhone to your Mac. The Voice Memos app on the iPhone is a handy way to record audio in a number of situations. Tasked with...

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iPhone 6 Rumors & Tips to Recover Lost Data from iPhone 6

June 19 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iPhone Data Recovery

Every year when Apple is about to release new updates or devices, rumors would get started to accelerate constantly. And now, this kind of situation is just taking place on iPhone 6, Apple's next generation of iPhone. Will it be bigger or stay the same...

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Top 5 Tips to Speed Up iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S on iOS 7

June 17 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #iPhone Tips

The iPhone 4 was a huge feat in engineering for its time on both a software and hardware level. However, several years later, the iPhone 4, and even the iPhone 4s, just don't run newer software the way they used to. For many people, iOS 7 really caused...

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5 Safety Tips to Protect Your iPhone Against Theft

June 13 2014 Published on #iPhone Tips, #iPhone Data Recovery

According to Consumer Reports, there are more than three million devices were stolen in the U.S in 2013, up from 1.6 million in 2012. Apparently, smartphones have already become extremely desirable targets for thieves across the U.S and up to the whole...

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How to Search, View and Schedule Reminders in iOS

June 6 2014 Published on #iOS Tips, #iPhone Tips

Reminders in iOS 7 can be extremely useful, with an abundance of settings that include location, time and category. If you are creating reminder lists without any schedule attached to them, they can easily get lost in the sea of reminders. Your entire...

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