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Posts with #itunes tips tag

iTunes 12 Release Date & Rumours

July 23 2014 Published on #iTunes Tips, #iOS News

When is Apple iTunes 12 coming out and what new features will iTunes 12 have? Here, we round up all of the latest news about iTunes 12 to help answer that question. Apple has unveiled iTunes 12 as part of the latest beta build of Mac OS X Yosemite . It...

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How to Find iTunes Purchase History on Mac or PC

June 26 2014 Published on #iTunes Tips

Can't remember what apps, movies, TV shows, or music you bought on iTunes, when you bought it, or how much you paid? Maybe you need to reconcile your bills, keep track of the kids, or even get a refund for something that went wrong? The advantage to buying...

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How to Transfer iTunes Movies to Other Accounts

June 23 2014 Published on #DRM Media Converter, #iTunes Tips

Who is desired to know how to transfer iTunes movies to another account? Q: How can I transfer a movie I bought to my wife on her account to my account? --Asked by Francis407 on Apple Support Communities Q: How do i transfer a rented movie from my user...

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Browse & Search All Parts Of The iTunes Store Quickly With Fnd.io

May 6 2014 Published on #iTunes Tips

The bane of being an Apple user, whether on Mac or iOS, is that there is no good way to browse or search iTunes online. But Fnd.io wants to change all that. The Google Play Store has a fantastic online interface, and there are some alternative ways to...

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How to Backup Your iTunes Library

April 25 2014 Published on #iTunes Tips

Regardless of which iOS device you own, central to your music experience is a well organized music library. In our continuing series , we’ll help you manage, organize and get the most from your music library. Our previous guides should have helped you...

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iTunes Tips: How to Organize Media Files, Mixed Genre Smart Playlists, Too-long Syncs

April 16 2014 , Written by Shirley Published on #iTunes Tips

iTunes 11 You can do a lot with smart playlists in iTunes, and sometimes the questions I get from readers make me discover ideas that I had never thought of. In this week's column, I show you how to create a smart playlist with a certain percentage of...

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