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Posts with #music tag

How to Turn YouTube Into A Streaming Audio Music Player On iPhone

July 11 2014 Published on #Music, #Online MP3 Player, #YouTube MP3 Downloader

There are many ways to get your streaming music fix on the go. Spotify, iTunes Radio and Pandora come to mind. But sadly they are not available in every country and while you can tip toe across that limitation, the free mobile apps are incredibly limited....

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2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup: Big-Name Footballers and Their Favorite Music

June 20 2014 Published on #Music, #Online MP3 Downloader

Some people believe that music brings inspiration to footballers because the variety of the rhythm is easy to arouse their non-liner thinking on the ground. No matter it's true or not, one thing we can't deny is the important role music plays in footballers'...

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The 10 Best Albums of 2014 So Far

June 12 2014 Published on #Music, #Music Albums, #Online MP3 Downloader

We are 25 percent through 2014 (better get on those taxes), so let's take a step back to assess the great music that has been released to date. The first quarter has been filled with more surprise releases as Skrillex and Kid Cudi "pulled a Beyoncé" and...

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